What kinds of mistakes can amount to medical malpractice?

According to CBS News, approximately 12 million people who receive outpatient care are victims of some type of misdiagnosis every year. Even the most experienced surgeons can make mistakes during surgery to the detriment of their patients. Mistakes, such as leaving tools or other equipment inside the body or operating on the wrong part of the body, are more extreme and unusual. However, other errors are more common because surgery is particularly difficult and requires intense concentration.

Negligence during childbirth may include not anticipating birth complications, such as a tangled umbilical cord, incompetent use of medical tools, and failure to order a C-section when appropriate. In some cases, the healthcare provider may be aware of your mistake and try to offer you a settlement to avoid legislation. Florida defines medical negligence as a violation of the normal standard of care, as is typical for similar health professionals. While the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, the good news is that your medical malpractice attorney will do most of the work.

The practice of prescribing that medication for that specific condition may be a widely accepted medical practice. The law understands that professionals will make mistakes from time to time and takes that into account. Beyond the legal definition, it's easier to understand what is and isn't medical negligence by looking at real-life examples. An example of an error in treating a patient would be a surgical error, such as the surgeon cutting a blood vessel.

An attorney can review your medical records and other evidence and provide you with a clear and unbiased assessment of whether you have a valid claim. In this situation, prescribing the medication may have been a mistake, but not necessarily medical negligence. If you think you may have a medical malpractice lawsuit, it's in your best interest to contact a licensed Florida malpractice attorney without delay.

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